Motorcycles—the motor part gets all the glory, right? V-twins. Thumpers. Inline fours. Flat twins. But what about the rest of the bike, particularly, the wheels?

Wheels have changed a lot since our friends Harley and Davidson built their first bikes a hundred and twenty years back! Even since the guys at BMW built the first G/S. They’re stronger, tougher, and the way they are made has also changed.

This week, we are looking at the history of motorcycle wheels. Maybe a bit of a deep dive into arcane knowledge, but surely there are some Comstar fans out there, right? You’ll want to know how wheels have changed since the first motorcycles were developed, and who was responsible for those changes. You don’t have to have Jay Leno’s knowledge of moto-history to do well, and you don’t have to be an engineer, but this will probably be difficult for many of you. Others will ace it.

You will probably learn some pretty interesting details about your bike’s rolly bits as well!

When you have completed the quiz, let everyone know how well you did in the comments below. As always, good luck and enjoy!



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