Remember when motocross had a lot less focus on massive whoops? The FIM remembers, and the new European Beachcross Cup appears to be sort of a move in that direction.

The idea of racing on beaches is almost as old as motorcycles themselves—that’s where the fun started in the early days of Daytona. In North America, there’s been a lot less beach racing in recent years as eco-warriors disapprove of it, but it’s still a thing in Europe. A while back, the FIM announced a new Sand Races World Cup that would use courses mostly made of, you guessed it, beach sand. It seems that idea has morphed into the new European Beachcross Cup.

The PR at the website for the new Beachcross series implies it was made to be easier for riders to take part in, with an attempt to keep costs low. It’s also supposed to be more accessible to city dwellers, who might not be tempted out-of-town to a motocross track, but perhaps might be enticed to a beach day:

This new format aims to cleverly combine the emotion of beachcross with the evocative setting of European beaches, bringing motocross to high level in urban centers to make more and more people aware of the discipline. The European Beach Supercross Championship will start on 3 March 2024 on the Italian beach of Soverato, the birthplace of the Gran TrofeoD’europa which will keep its name historical.

The subsequent stages will cross the most evocative beaches in Europe, culminating in the event final in the UK on 19-21 October 2024. The winner of this pioneering competition will be awarded the title of European Beachcross Champion and receive a prestigious “King of the Sea” as new among the legends who triumphed in previous editions.

It’s an interesting idea, taking advantage of open terrain that’s often quite close to cities, and also making it easier for spectators to get out. So: Could we do something similar in North America?

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