Who wants to ride a sportbike on stilts? A crossover, if you will; a machine with a sportbike engine but long-travel suspension. It turns out a lot of people are interested in this idea, and so we have the Suzuki GSX-S1000GX.

When this bike debuted back in November of 2023, here’s what we told you:

This bike is exactly what the name implies. It’s the latest evolution of the GSX platform, using the K5 engine to power a new bike that’s intended for all-road, all-weather touring. It’s obviously similar to the GSX-S1000 GT sport tourer, with the main difference being an increase in suspension travel.

The GX has 150 mm of travel at both the front and rear end, which is a massive increase over the GT’s 130 mm and 120 mm of travel at front and back respectively. More importantly, the GX also comes with semi-active suspension that auto-adjusts to the terrain the machine is riding over. According to the PR, the Suzuki Advanced Electronic Suspension system (the first-ever such setup for the brand) is “capable of absorbing larger bumps when riding over cobblestones and other uneven surfaces.” It’s not bragging up any off-road capability, so while this bike has some ADV styling, it’s not intended to go to the same places that the V-Strom 800DE goes.

And while we haven’t had a chance to ride the machine ourselves, our pals at Motorcycle.com got a spin on the new Suzook a few weeks back. Here is Ryan Adams’ take on the Suzuki GSX-S1000GX+, an updated version of the bike:

More details in the photo gallery below, and you can see MO’s full review here.

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