MV Agusta is a company in the middle of a rebuilding plan that’s been going on for more than a decade; a rebuilding plan that has taken some wild twists and turns. But things seem to be stabilized now, and as part of that newfound stability, we see the company opening a new production line.

According to MV Agusta, this new line is going to greatly increase their production capacity; it’s the biggest investment in their company in several years. The new infrastructure is supposed to enable them to build another thousand bikes a month—a very noticeable uptick on the factory’s capability. Supposedly that can be ramped up even further, to as many as 100 bikes a day off the new line. MV’s management says they plan to gradually increase their output to match demand as it rises.

Photo: MV Agusta

The new production line is still in MV Agusta’s factory in the Italian town of Schiranna, and they say it “features the most advanced technology in the field.” But the bikes are still going to be assembled by hand, helped out by “a fully automated line management system for the handling, moving and correct positioning of the units along the 28 workstations, with a particular focus on ergonomics and safety.”

Of course, it comes directly on the heels of announcement of KTM’s investment in MV, with the Austrians saying they’d like to buy a majority stake in their new Italian business partners if all goes well in coming years.

Said MV Agusta CEO Timur Sardarov, after the announcement:

I am so excited about this new line launching right here, in our historic plant in Italy, while many other industries are delocalising or even stepping down production. All the efforts we’ve been putting in over the past couple of years are coming together and we are now seeing some very concrete results, with growing numbers and the increasing success of our latest models. This is not only an investment in our own operations, but also in this community and in our people.

Does this mean we see the LXP Orioli adventure bike in greater numbers, and sooner? Maybe…

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