Hello, inmates and visitors, and welcome to a somewhat neglected Photos of the Week, the third issue for 2024. We’re starting off rather thinly, though not badly. Regarding this wonderful shot by @Afnos, I took the unusual step of writing to him to say thanks for the submission. Here’s what I said, “Nathan, I don’t usually write to individual contributors of photos to ADVriders Photos of the Week, but that’s a wonderful shot of your wife on a beautiful Italian road. Thanks for sending!” And I meant it. He wrote back, of course, thanking me. And here’s what he said about the shot with his submission: “I took this photo of my wife who was catching up to me on a muddy section of one of the most beautiful roads we have found, which is near Cimolais, in northern Italy. We only spent about an hour on this road because we had to turn around at a washed-out river bed crossing. This was Christmas Day, and we went for an afternoon ride and stopped for a picnic along the way.” Nicely put. She was riding a 2018 Ducati Scrambler 1100, and I chose this photo not because it was one of only two submissions available (!) but because it’s nearly perfect. The only thing I can think of to say against it is that I wasn’t there to take the shot. 🙁

Oh well, it’s moody, it’s nicely framed, the environment and the road are gorgeous, and the exposure is about what you’d expect with a modern iPhone (about perfect). Also, it’s a female on a bike, which is an Italian motorcycle in Italy—what’s not to love about it?

And now, on to the rest of this week’s POTW, and then a final thought from yours truly.

Tennessee sunshine?

Here’s the 2007 Yamaha TW200 belonging to @Assquatch20, who says he hasn’t been able to get further than this for a few days (written in early January). “Not far from the house but an adventure nonetheless. Alpine, Tennessee.” Thanks, Assquatch20. Nice pic!

And that’s it for this week. We’ve received exactly two submissions, and we have nothing in reserve. Oh sure, Kawazacky or I could pull photos from our banks and stick them in to fill the ranks, but do you want that? Of course not! Here’s what you want: pictures of the adventurers you know and love, round the world, in Africa, Asia, Pacifica, North and South America, Europe, and Vancouver—which is a separate continent based mainly on hairstyles. And why don’t we have that to offer you? Two reasons, I think: 1: it’s winter in the northern hemisphere, so nobody (or nearly so) is out adventuring, and even though it’s summer in the southern hemi , @The Bear and others Downundah are busy riding, not submitting. So, we’ll get more pix, just you wait and see.

But (B) there might be another reason: recently, in the Comments section of POTW, there have been some mild disagreements about what might constitute a picture worthy of showing here. Some of the shots we’ve shown, including our Picture of the Year, are not perfect: there are considerations of composition, maybe some cropping that could be improved, some positioning that could be better.

Well, as The Clash would say, “Bollocks.” Here at the Photos of the Week ADVrider mansion in fabulous Toronto, we love love LOVE this photo, and we love the two photos we’re showing this week, and we truly love many, many, and even most of the photos you have sent us. Why? When they’re not perfect? It’s true indeed that taking a few seconds to eyeball your viewfinders, whether it be on a phone or a camera or even a tablet of some kind, can help you improve things, and we do not disagree with the commenter who suggested doing this.

However, and it’s a big, very big, HOWEVER, we don’t care. We simply do-not-give-a-anything for that philosophy, when it comes to submissions to ADVrider’s Photos of the Week pages. What we care about is that you show us what you’ve been doing, lately, or in the remote past, and that you do it with the photographs you took in those moments. Because there’s one thing that perfect composition, exposure, timing, shutter speed, and f-stop can’t account for: that’s the feeling that you had when you took the picture.

And with any luck, with any amount of grace available, we’ll see that in the shots you send to us. For even just a moment, we’ll be right there with you in that wonderful outdoors. So liberate to us your mistakes, your tired old photos, your poor, your huddled masses, your wretched refuse of your teeming shore. And you know what? They’re welcome here, and always will be! We can’t wait to see them!

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